Kelly’s isn’t just convenient - it’s excellent. Flavorful touches livened up all of the items I tried: Wings, House Salad, Rib Eye Steak and Peanut Butter Pie.

The House Salad was great, with whole pitted black olives and cherry tomatoes, sprouts, onions, cucumbers and big slices of fresh mushrooms, especially when topping it was, in a way, my favorite part of the evening ...Kelly’s own peanut vinaigrette dressing. Anything would probably be good with that on it.

The combination of the sauce in the sliced garlic potatoes and the onion marmalade on the rib eye was awesomely refi ned. I couldn’t resist, and added some of the peanut vinaigrette into part of it to try. That was maybe too good to describe. Separately, each item was full of taste. Both the fl avor of the marmalade and the potato sauce were subtle blends that complimented each other perfectly. The potatoes were rich, and the serving was reasonable. The steak was perfectly tender and delicious. With the sauce, it was impossible to stop eating it.

But....I had to at least try the chicken wings. I was glad I was able to save some room for one. The wing sauce was another great special fl avor touch. I like to try the wings wherever I go, the sauce on these has to be one of the best I have tasted. – it had another terrifi c blended fl avor, plenty of tomato taste, the type I like, with just the right degree of hotness, and was a little sweet. Maybe there was a tiny bit of peanut sauce in there. Even the Blue Cheese dressing had a great flavor. Steak and chicken wings might be bland or even greasy fare in some places, NOT HERE. These were gourmet city.

It was hard for me to make a decision on dessert from a list including White Chocolate Pecan Pie, Mousse cake (my server’s favorite), and strawberry cheesecake. I fi nally decided on my beloved Peanut Butter Pie, after dallying with Reeses cup cheesecake, and briefl y with the white chocolate pecan pie.

The Peanut Butter Pie with an oreo crust was topped with swirled chocolate sauce and rolled up white chocolate and peanut butter pieces. It was really fl uffy. The Whipped cream had another special fl avor touch with vanilla blended in.

Kelly’s and it’s cocktail counterpart, The Chic A Boom Room, have a cute, lively decor. Special touches like collected antique radios on a shelf running through the inside dining room and a dressed up mannequin in the front door entrance give it a really fun quality. The inside dining room is long, but thin. Seating is also available in the bar. The beautiful patio area, a recent addition, is the best seat in the house, especially when it’s cooler.

Kelly’s offered a special four course Caribbean Beer Dinner every weekend in July and mentions a similar Wine Dinner in August on their web site:

COMMUNITY FEATURE: August. 2006 Issue