X was incredible last night. What an awesome way to spend Mother's Day!

Billy Zoom makes it look SO easy and for him it is. It always sounds SO good That Never Seems To Change. I can't believe how they never quit rocking at full speed.

The State Theatre is the closest I've been able to get watching John Doe play and It was awesome. I love to watch musicians who are just totally wrapped up in it when they are playing, physically and mentally, creating this awesome flow of music. Just totally feeling what they are playing. There's not that many, but he is definitely one of them. James Brown would be an example.

Exene just had such a great energy too. To me, she seemed like she was having the most fun of any time that I have seen her live. It was awesome.

Plus, their incredible songs. They would be great in any genre, "I must not think bad thoughts", "Nausea", "You Phone's Off The Hook", "Year One", MOTEL ROOM IN MY BED. it was an awesome treat, I can't leave out DJ, because he was outrageous as always. SO COOL. Such a great night

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REVIEW: X at the State Theatre 5.14.17

X on stage at tthe State Threatre